Melissa Posey Photography specialize in children and family portraits and a beautiful mix of classic and photojournalistic style of wedding photography.  

Melissa's interest in photography started with of all things... Scrapbooking!  This hobby turned into a quest to take better pictures and to capture her children in their finest moments.  She quickly realized that it was the details of the photograph that intrigued her.   How lighting casts a glow on the soft face of a child.  How the focus, or lack of focus, can change the feel of the picture.   How photographing a wedding means you were a crucial part in capturing that bride and groom's best day of their lives.   

Now, she sees the world through different eyes.  She sees vivid colors that shout, soothing textures that calm and charming expressions that tell all.  Her goal is to capture all of these feelings in her photographs for you to enjoy and for you to share with others for a lifetime!

She feels blessed to have the opportunity to share with you these moments in your life.
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